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ALS provides more than 20 years of experience in R&D, preclinical and clinical, medical device regulatory affairs, industrial production and business development.

Consulting and Professional Services

ALS assists companies developing organ preservation medical devices in the following strategic areas:

Analysis of preclinical and clinical data
Definition of clinical trial protocols
Regulatory affairs and manufacturing
Business development strategy

Collaborative processes

Advanced Life Solutions is always working very closely with the transplant community :

– Organ procurement centers
– Transplant centers and hospitals
– Governmental health authorities
– In developed and emerging countries

Advanced Life Solutions helps select the most appropriate and comprehensive devices, methodologies and systems for organ preservation, from procurement to transport to the recipient, in a given context.

Find the most appropriate solutions

Define clinical trial protocols prior to product approval, in Europe.

Assistance to private equity investors and CEOs in start-ups, for marketing and go to market strategy, in Europe.

Transition management for start-ups, in Europe.

Assistance to countries wishing to implement the best preservation systems, i.e. the best product range, in Asia.

Assistance to a Pharmaceutical Company in the constitution of its range of preservation products for its generic entity, called LATAM.

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