About als

The Advanced Life Solutions company is fully dedicated to research
& develop new medical devices for organ preservation. 


Transplantation today

Organ transplantation is often the only treatment for end-stage organ failure, such as liver, kidney or heart failure.

Many patients’ lives are saved and their quality of life is significantly improved by an organ transplant. The need for organ transplants is constantly increasing, primarily due to the success of transplantation, a medical technique that is becoming more and more sophisticated. As a result, the situations in which a transplant is recommended are becoming more numerous and diverse.

Organ preservation is an important link in the transplantation process. Its role is to keep an organ “alive” as long as possible outside the body, during the time between removal and implantation.

The preservation of the organ between the donor and the transplanted patient is a crucial step in the success of the transplant.

Our vision

Advancing the world of transplantation so that every organ has the full potential to prolong life.


Our mission

Design innovative and agile solutions that target the molecular mechanisms of organ Ischemia Reperfusion Injuries (IRI), protecting organ's functions for greater patients’ outcomes.

Our quality policy

Customer satisfaction

WE WORK TOGETHER : Our projects success largely depends on our close collaboration with the client.


WE MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS : We use our experience to anticipate your typical problems in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

Risk management - Risk-based thinking

We know our products and their relevance to human health. We are careful in their application, identifying, assessing and minimizing any risks that may be associated with them. We strictly adhere to regulatory requirements for medical devices and manufacturing, distribution and service activities.


We have the support and commitment of management. Management guides and involves everyone by acting as the primary driver to achieve quality objectives.

Staff participation - Management approach

We want to have a working environment in which communication and cooperation are the tools of progress. We are a team where everyone collaborates for mutual benefit.

The recever of an internal work process will be treated as a customer, just as the recipient of an external company process.

A process-based approach

In our approach, we have identified the processes that create value. The activities of one team member are the basis for the work of another member.

Compliance with regulatory requirements and MDR

Our company’s success is the result of the trust placed in us by our customers. Managing all our interdependent processes as a system allows us to optimize them, to achieve your goals.

Continuous efficiency of our quality system

We operate in an industry that is constantly technically and regulatory evolving. We are always adapting to changing circumstances. We accept this challenge. But we also try to be self-critical and to identify our weak points and to take advantage of as many opportunities for improvement as possible. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is a fundamental element in ensuring our system continued effectiveness.

A factual approach to decision making

We use our processes feedbacks to guide us in the decisions we need to make. Always caring about the set objectives and the company mission.

Mutual benefits from relationships

We maximize our efficiency with a wide contacts network. We create value with internal and external collaborations, always observing the highest level of professionalism.

Who we are


Advanced Life Solutions was founded in 2016 by Silvina Ramella – PhD, a world-renowned expert in the field of organ preservation for over 25 years. Silvina is the originator of the 4th generation of abdominal organ preservation solution. She has developed and marketed the product worldwide. She is a graduate of the University Claude Bernard – Lyon 1, France.

She founded the IGL Group in France, Spain and Brazil and led the company as General Manager for 15 years, as well as Waters Medical Systems in the US.


Advanced Life Solutions was co-founded with Thierry Asmar.

Thierry has a long experience of managing companies, especially in the field of Business Services, in France and abroad.

Partners & support

Advanced Life Solutions is proud to be supported by 1st class partners and we thank them