the new organ preservation solution

This brand new organ preservation solution for transplantation will be launched very soon ….

Perla®, the name of an  innovative preservation solution, 20 years after the last generation.

Grafts are rare and fragile, so it is important to protect them as much as possible from any damage that may occur between removal and implantation.

Thus, a graft is so precious and organ transplantation so important for a large number of people that we wanted to name this new preservation liquid Perla®.

Indeed, by analogy, a pearl is precious and is the result of a unique protection mechanism.

This new generation of preservation fluid will significantly increase the quality and life span of the grafts. And consequently increase the quality of life of the recevers. Perla® is CE mark pending, and not yet approved for clinical use.

The history of Perla®


The 4th generation of liquid...

Silvina Ramella is at the origin of the 4th generation of abdominal organ preservation fluid. She has been developing and marketing it worldwide for the last 20 years.


New needs, new ideas

After more than 20 years of using the same formulations, transplantation needs have changed due to the more fragile nature of today's available organs. Existing Cold Storage Solutions are no longer adapted to the characteristics of today's available organs from "expanded criteria" donors.


The Development of Perla®

A simple medical answer to an imperative public health need, the quality of preservation of today's abdominal grafts. Patent searches conducted by ALS have identified an optimal composition, the patent of the University of Barcelona, a world renowned team in this field.



Perla®, our new product is a composition covering the preservation performance but especially the best protection of fragile grafts. This performance will be demonstrated in the clinic, thus becoming the reference product.

You wish to discover Perla® in detail ?

You are a healthcare professional and would like to know more. We are at your disposal to meet you and explain our innovation in detail.