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121 Route du Mulfier
01190, Chavannes Sur Reyssouze, France

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    ALS is a young and promising company dedicated to improvingtransplant outcomes by better protecting organs. A better organ protection will improve patients quality of life. Founded in 2016, by a world-renowned expert in the field of organ preservation for over 25 years and an experienced business manager, ALS has ambitious objectives for the upcoming years to spread their devices all over the world. If you are looking for a job that makes a lot of sense to you and others, you are at the right place. Every single people at ALS is contributing to a better future of organ transplantation. In essence, at ALS, human is at the heart of our priorities, that’s why we are looking for respectful and trustworthy persons. We encourage individual and collective initiatives to create a challenging and motivating atmosphere. Join us !



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